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Atlantic Warriors

Author: Georgina Hunter-Jones

Hardcover. 304 pages. Published: 2002.

Price: £14.99. Postage (UK): £3.00

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When Carrie Nordsuitlaan's third husband dies, in a helicopter crash in the South African velt, she discovers he has sold their house to pay for his flying business. The only asset she has left in the world is a Piper Warrior aircraft, based in Florida.

Carrie determines to learn to fly and go and fetch the plane, bringing it back to England where she is sure she will be able to sell it. However, as she soon discovers, while it is easy to learn to fly, it is not so easy to bring the single engine plane back across the Atlantic, so she hires a co-pilot, the notorious Irishman Kieran O'Toole, known for his dubious exploits.

As the ill-matched pair travel up the Eastern Seaboard and into Greenland and Iceland in the small plane they discover that Captain Norduitlaan was not the man he seemed to his wife, that his business affairs were extremely dodgy and that she is in a lot more trouble than she realised. However, she also discovers a love of flying that changes her life.