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Benjamin Franklin Book of Recipes.

Author: Hilaire Dubourcq.

Hardcover. 192 pages. Published: 2004

Price: £11.99. Postage (UK): £3.00

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The Benjamin Franklin Book of Recipes" is a collection of recipes from the time of Benjamin Franklin, complemented by anecdotes about his extraordinary life in Boston and Philadelphia, London and Paris. Each chapter is set at a location where Franklin lived or was a visitor, and the menus reflect the food eaten at that time. The recipes are from several sources, including some by the great statesman himself. Among the period recipes and anecdotes, the reader will encounter some more modern recipes, and excursions into the origins of food and drink, all served with a liberal scattering of Franklin's quotations. Benjamin Franklin's wit and wisdom are present in all his writings, but never more so than when he is on a subject as close to his heart as food and drink. From the exceptional pains he took to discover the secret of Parmesan cheese, to his personal recipe for Milk Punch: "Take 6 Quarts of Brandy and the Rinds of 44 Lemons" - what he has to say reveals as much about his character and the society he was part of as it does about the food of his day. And in his diplomatic work in England and France the table was often the forum for patriotic battles on behalf of the United States of America which culminated in the Declaration of Independence and his recognition as a Founding Father of the United States. Benjamin Franklin - printer, scientist, philosopher, diplomat, and now cook? Perhaps, but whether your interest is in food or in Franklin you should find much to entertain you in this book.


"This is a remarkable book. It is immensly entertaining, and contains material not to be found elsewhere. I will be unable to resist experimenting with a pupton of partridge, spinach soup with hot air crutons, and Newton Pippin upside-down. Try them for yourself, and enjoy this fascinating book".

Sir Patrick Moore

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